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where we don't only train dancers,
we promote personal growth.

is your alternative in dance education. Our studio promotes personal growth in an emotionally secure and encouraging atmosphere that will let children and students of all ages have fun while experimenting with, strengthening and performing new skills.

Since opening in 1998 our mission has been to promote self esteem and build self confidence while fostering a love of dance.

Hello, my name is Leigh Happel and I am the founder and owner of Pure Energy Dance Centre, Inc. Since opening in 1998 my mission for the studio has been to help our dancers build self esteem while fostering a love of dance. 

I think what makes this studio different is that as a mother, teacher and business owner, I understand that not every dancer is going to be, or even wants to be a professional dancer.  There are so many other reasons why people participate in dance classes and there are so many benefits as well.  Therefore, we really specialize in the recreational dancer and family. 

Focusing on the recreational student doesn't mean sacrificing the quality of teaching that is given. It just means that we understand that not every family has the time and resources to dedicate their whole family lifestyle around just dance. The teachers at our studio are very well trained but also have experience teaching children and love it! Teachers become a part of the Pure Energy family to teach dance and to really make a difference in a child's life. Obviously we teach the technical aspects of dance, but inside the classroom we teach respect for others and ourselves and help them develop the skills they need to become confident successful people in whatever they choose to do in life. 

Today our students are very well rounded and enjoy participating in many activities such as cheer, drama, soccer and school sports and clubs as well as dance. Our students usually take one to three hours of class a week. They come in to class and are motivated to work hard, have fun and know it is okay to make mistakes because there is a group of people there rooting them on. They really develop lifelong friendships. They work together all season and enjoy performing together in our year end Broadway style recital which always is themed with a story line. They are given opportunities to be characters in the show with speaking parts which also helps build confidence and gets them used to adults number one fear.... public speaking!

Today students of all ages are faced with many pressures;some of which include peer pressure, academic pressures and sometimes even family related stress. Dance allows students to express their feelings in a non-threatening and healthy manner.

We want our studio to be a place where students can feel a sense of belonging to a group that accepts them for who they are and will help them become who they aspire to be.

Founder and owner, Leigh Happel, has been teaching dance for over 33 years. Leigh is originally from New York, where she received extensive dance training from masters of the Luigi and Bob Fosse jazz styles and masters of the Maurice Hines ballettaps.  She has received instruction from highly acclaimed NY instructors such as Frank Hatchett, Charles Kelly, Gary Pate and  Kathi Jo Hubner. Leigh has performed in the original musicals "Makin It", and "Red Hot Christmas" and was a member of the Dynamic Dance Company and the LA Express Dance Company in New York.


Leigh received her BA in education/special education.  In addition, she was the lead teacher/curriculum specialist for the Creative Learning Children's Center, a division of the Easter Seal Society. Her educational teaching background combined with her extensive dance training and love for children enabled her to develop a unique perspective that allows students to thrive and develop a love for dance.

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