These specialized classes are for the dancer in transition from "baby to big girl". 
The focus in these classes is on becoming more familiar with the concepts of  musicality, retaining skills and combinations learned from week to week, technique and across the floor progressions. As they mature and move on to the older classes they will need to rely more on themselves rather than just copying the teachers
like they do in the "little kids" classes. 

They receive training in multiple dance disciplines so that they can become even more familiar with each style and decide where their interests are. Emphasis is still on instilling a love of dance while learning but it's just kicked up a notch for these dancers. Age appropriate music is used and
age appropriate skills are taught in a fun, welcoming environment. 

The Classy Sassy Combo 
6-10 and 7-11 

is a 1.5 hour class in which the dancer receives 45 minutes in two disciplines AND participates in 2 dances in the year end recital. This is a big deal for these dancers as they often want to be like the "big girls".
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Mon   5:00-6:30   Tap, Jazz/HipHop   Ages 6-10
Tues  3:30-5:00   Jazz/HipHop, Tap  2 Ages 7-11
Tues  4:15-5:45   Jazz/HipHop, Lyrical Ballet 2 Ages 7-11
Wed  4:00-5:30   Lyrical ballet, Jazz/Hiphop   Ages 6-10

What to wear and shoes needed:

Any kind of dance attire
(ie - leotard or cami or tank, tights or leggings or dance shorts - no jeans, school or street clothes)
Tap - flat buckle or velcro tap
Jazz/hiphop- pull on jazz shoes no ties
lyrical ballet- ballet shoes

Dancers  must have both shoes needed for the styles they are taking

Transition Combo for ages 6 & 7

For those not quite ready to make the leap to 1.5 hours, 2 disciplines and 2 recital dances, we offer the transition combo.

This class is an extension of our jazz/Hiphop divas, ballerinas and taperinas class for 5 and 6 year olds.
The dancers get a 75 minute class that includes all three styles and they participate in only 1 recital dance.
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Tuesdays 5:00-6:15

shoes: pull on jazz shoes, buckle or velcro flat tap shoes and ballet shoes -
dancers must have all 3 styles of shoes
Attire: Any kind of dance attire
(ie leotard or cami or tank, tights or leggings or dance shortsno jeans or school clothes)


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