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Three years ago, we were searching for the right dance studio for our two and a half year old daughter.  She had tried gymnastics and some other physical activities, but did not seem to have the confidence or desire to continue.  Initially starting at Pure Energy, our daughter seemed hesitant.  Upon meeting the teachers and Mrs. Leigh, we knew we were in the right place. 

Three years later, our daughter's self esteem has soared.  She truly feels that she is an amazing dancer all thanks to her incredible and supportive teachers.  She is learning the skills necessary to pursue dance, but more importantly has learned the power of believing in herself. 

Since the age of three, our daughter has performed on stage at the recital, in front of hundreds of people, carefree, skilled, and confident.  The lessons and values instilled at Pure Energy have helped to transform our daughter from a timid toddler to a confident young lady and for that we are forever grateful. 

Andrea Saneholtz

Thank you Leigh for having such a great dance studio available in the area without the stress of competition etc.


Mikayla truly loves it and once again, you outdid yourself with the recital! 

Kristen Stokes

It has been already seven years since my two daughters joined the Pure Energy dance studio and as of this day we can agree that we chose the perfect place. Not only have they learned how to dance but the environment in this academy is like a family. They show them to be themselves focusing on their self esteem in a non stress environment. They accomplish every year different challenges with so much discipline and feel so proud of themselves!  

Thank you

Maria Alizo

Our daughters will be going into their fourth year at Pure Energy Dance Studio. They now refer to Pure Energy as their "Dance Family". Every season they look forward to the fun times they will have and all of the new things they will learn. Our girls have learned so much through the years and gained a true love for dance as their caring teachers have guided them to be experienced little dancers. Their recitals will without a doubt be among their best childhood memories. We just cannot say enough good things about Pure Energy and have truly loved having our girls participate with this amazing dance studio.

Jeanna Viera

Hi Leigh,

I wanted to start by congratulating you on another wonderful recital. The dances were entertaining with fun music and the dancers looked like they were proud to be up there! I commend you and your staff on a job well done;)

Janet Padron

Hi Mrs. Leigh,

   I wanted to thank you for all your patience and creativity. I don't know how you and your team execute this every year. Amazing job!! Please thank Callie and all the girls that helped you during the dance classes and during the show. I'm glad all the springtime girls performed. Jacey has lots of fun. Looking forward to next year. Have a great summer!

Jackie Rodena

Congratulations to you, Miss Leigh!  Another successful show!!

I wanted to thank you for 2 things in particular-- 

First, for Dancing Daddies... it literally puts tears in my eyes to see Jason hugging the girls at the end of his performance... 

and second, for keeping the shows *wholesome*, which must be an immense challenge in this day and age.  We truly appreciate you not making our girls feel like they have to exploit their bodies and/or gyrate on the floor in order to command attention.

Have a wonderful, restful summer,

Jessica Herthel

Dear Ms. Leigh,

I just wanted to write to thank you for a wonderful first recital experience and a great first year of dance class! You and Ms. Taryn and Ms. Michele were all so amazing to Charlee and did so much to make sure she was happy and enjoying dance. She went from being very apprehensive to truly loving dance class and the recital. Now, she wants to sign up again and even do two dances next year! I had no idea how she would do at the recital- she has never experienced anything like that or been in front of such a large audience. Not only did she end up doing and dancing great, I also found out from the backstage mom that it was Charlee who was helping another younger little girl who was very nervous backstage! Hearing that makes us so proud of her- not just for dancing- but also for showing kindness and concern for others just as you and her teachers have shown to her all year! Have a wonderful summer. Thank you again,
Robin Gamberg

Robin Gamberg

Hello Mrs. Leigh,

Just want to tell you that the show yesterday was amazing. We really enjoyed all the performances. I am impressed because every year it gets better! Atia loves the studio and she is already looking forward August. I've seen how much dance and performing on a stage has helped her get confidence and I want to thank you for that.

Kind regards,
Carla Esteva

Carla Esteva


Hello Ms. Leigh,
I just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed the recital yesterday. Your show was impressive and fun and even my husband commented how much fun this dance recital was! He is even thinking about being a dancing dad! As a mother, I truly appreciate how age appropriate everything was-- from the costumes to the music to the entire show! Elise has really enjoyed her time in your class, and I would like to thank you for helping us establish our familiar routines in a new city. She will be signing up again for next year. 

After yesterday, my older daughter Caroline is interested in picking up dance again. She took dance for about three years but it has been about three years since her last lesson. Could you recommend a class for her? Thank you so much, and again, congratulations on a wonderful show yesterday! I will be by the studio soon to sign up for the fall.

Susan Perry

Thank you for ALL you do. It was an amazing show and WOW! Natalia's 
group did incredible so coordinated. I really had goosebumps seeing my 
Nata standing with the big girls. I can close my eyes and picture 
her in her pink tutu, counting the dots on stage during rehearsal so 
she can do her Love Me Do dance. You truly are an amazing dance teacher 
and a great lady. My daughter cares for you deeply and I am blessed to 
be part of the Pure Energy family.

Hugs and see you soon,

Teri Perez


Hi Leigh,
First and foremost, I would like to say how great the show was yesterday. All the extremely hard work you put into this really showed.  Jade had a great year and I am so very proud of what you helped her accomplish. Thank you so very much for everything!!!!!!!

Rich Benca

Dear Leigh, 
My daughter, Samantha Ramer, danced at your studio for over three years when it was on SR84. She has since moved on to become a serious equestrian, but your studio came up in conversation today with my dearest friend in the whole world. Her name is Eloisa Marshall and she is the mother of Denise Meier, who also danced there for a few years before moving to Miami.

The reason Pure Energy is significant here is because it was there that I met Eloisa when Denise and Samantha were in class together. We chatted one day in the waiting room, and the friendship was immediate. She is now like the sister I never had, and six years later our daughters are also still best friends (because of our friendship).

Pure Energy is also the place I first reconnected with a high school acquaintance, Andie Segal, whose daughter, Tess, also danced there. I saw Andie in the waiting room and we chatted about our common past (she and I dated the same guy – but not at the same time!) Since then, we have become very close, and our daughters are also dear friends despite the age difference. (Tess is a remarkably mature girl for her age.) Because of my friendship with Eloisa and Andie, we also socialize regularly as three couples with our spouses/significant others.

The point is that even though our daughters didn't continue with their dance careers, they have always thought of Pure Energy with positive memories. More importantly, I will always think of your studio as the place where my daughter earned her first medal and where I found my best friends.

 Just wanted to share... 
Wendy Ramer

Wendy Ramer


Hi Leigh!

Just wanted to tell you....the recital was FABULOUS!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I thought our class did fantastic!!! Harper had a great time. We are SO proud of her. And she is proud of herself. She was beaming!

I will drop off the registration form next week. What are your summer hours?

Thanks for everything!

Misty Buchwald


Dear Ms. Leigh,
First of all what an outstanding show!!! Everything from the dance choreography to the costume coordinating perfectly to the songs/dances. I was in ballet for 9 years and know how much goes into making a show a success. It was truly a successful show.This was our first year at Pure Energy and I was totally impressed! My daughter's first words after the show were, Mom can I be in two dances next year and whens the next show?
My daughter had a tough year with some medical issues and a tough year in general. Coming here to dance made getting through her 5th grade year, a lot easier. She's waited a long time to start dance classes and I'm so glad she enjoys being in your class and loves being at Pure Energy. Mary is great also in the office. :) Thank you and your Mom for all that you have done and do!

Erika K.


Our experience with Pure Energy even after one year has been priceless. Saige's confidence and enthusiasm for dance has grown because of the warmth and concern of Miss Leigh. She continues to take what she learns and applies it to other activities. We couldn't be happier and we can't wait for more wonderful years at Pure Energy!

Lori Holzman Becker Professor, Early Childhood Kaplan University

Dear Leigh (and Staff),
     I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for my daughters over the years.  When I was first looking for a dance studio for my then two year old daughter, you were the only one who welcomed any dancer, no matter what their age or ability. 
     Whether the issue was decreased coordination because of a birth defect, or just wanting to express themselves creatively through dress (ie princess tutu for a year), you were always accepting with  open arms and an open heart. Because of your warm and nurturing ways, I now have two daughters that are developing a life-long passion for dance and a third daughter who is hoping to follow in their hip-hop, tap or ballet steps!!!
     Thank you for treating my daughters as if they were your own and for helping them to build confidence in themselves as dancers and as special people.  You are creating a legacy of wonderful, happy and confident young girls. You are the best!
                                                                                                                    With Much Love and Gratitude

Alissa Sheldon (and Family)

"Our 2 year old daughter participated in the Mommy and Me Transition Class and absolutely loved it!  Miss Leigh understood the developmental milestones of the 2 year olds in her class and taught at an age appropriate level.  As a result, our daughter, had a fun and balanced learning experience.  She even practices her dance steps at home because Miss Leigh mader her experience so enjoyable."

Matthew Thoma, M.D. and Kimiko Thoma M.D.

"I have 3 daughters who have been dancing at Pure Energy since they were all 2 yrs old.  My oldest daughter is going on her 11th year there. We do not consider Pure Energy just a Dance Studio, but rather a family.  My girls have become beautiful dancers, but that is just the icing on the cake.  More importantly, my daughters have developed self-confidence, discipline, respect and lifelong friendships.  My daughters have had the courage and confidence to perform in school and camp and have even choreographed their own routines at school, using the skills they learned at Pure Energy. Miss Leigh and her staff are kind, warm and caring people who take such an interest in their students.  Not only have my children developed friendships at the studio, but my husband and I have as well.  Pure Energy Dance is our second home-- we are so thankful that it is such a significant part of our lives."

Moura Sheron


From the very first moment Ms. Leigh placed a magic wand in our daughter’s hand, we saw the start of an amazing dance experience begin! Our 3 year old daughter took her very first dance steps at Pure Energy’s Fairytale Princess Camp and over the past five years has grown into a beautiful young dancer. She has developed critical dance skills, as well as poise, confidence and a genuine love for dance.  With the structured, yet loving and creative guidance of Ms. Leigh, we look forward to each and every new dance year at Pure Energy and all of the wonderful memories that come with it!

Chris and Amy Cory

Miss Leigh,

I just  wanted to  say  thank  you  for another amazing recital!.
Your meticulous attention  to detail, and infallible organizational skills amaze me! Your directions are so explicit, that not  even the most minute detail is overlooked!
We love it here because not  only do you teach  the children as a group, you allow them to be individuals at  the same  time.

Thank you  thank you  thank you !   

Danielle Singelton

Dear Leigh and Pure Energy Dance Centre:

This is a letter to congratulate you on completing your first year at your new location--now even bigger, and better!

I am not surprised at the need for extra room to grow...my Natalie will be beginning her 10th year under your guidance this Fall Season.

During her time with you and your staff at the dance studio she has now grown up to be a confident teen.  I cannot believe so much time has passed.  With every year she acquired more talent, ability, and maturity.  Her dancing skill levels are now phenomenal and a true pleasure to watch--all due to your attention, passion and love for dance and performance.

Cheers to many more years!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

A Proud Dance Mom--Fran


Ms. Leigh

After 6 years of being part of the Pure Energy Dance Centre family we are astonished with the way you conduct every year's classes and most of all the recitals.  I am so grateful for the extra attention you have given my daughter, Alexandra, this year.  Not only have her dancing abilities improved but her self esteem has as well.

We are so thankful for all you have done.

Maria Yanes

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